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Access 8 PPT games which can be used in the classroom. They are perfect for team building, teaching about the world, testing general knowledge and having fun! You will be able to modify each PPT at your own discretion.

Egyptian Quest Cover.png

Egyptian Quest is a team game that works best with students in Grade 4 Elementary to first-year Middle School. Liven up your classroom and get the students to compete in teams. A great way to introduce students to Egypt, supplement a lesson or too just have a good time while learning. Students will focus on vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation and general knowledge of Egypt. The download contains a lesson plan and all the materials you will need to prepare.

Underwater Adventure Cover.png

Underwater Adventure is a game best played in teams. Students must work together while exploring the oceans. They will encounter new animals, puzzles, vocabulary and even battles! Very simple and easy to play and requires a minimal amount of prep work for the teacher. Proven to be fun for every age group! The package you download will contain a lesson plan and all materials you will need.



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