We picked up over 3000 pieces of trash

On Sunday, May 19th, 2019, I volunteered with Wildominique, a conservation organization in Dominica, on a beach clean up mission. We picked up over 3000 individual pieces of trash – nearly half a tonne – and sorted it all for data. The data collection was very important in order to discover trends to apply the right solutions in combating climate change from Dominica and helping … Continue reading We picked up over 3000 pieces of trash

Finding meaning through challenges

My job is too easy. Because it’s too easy, I have grown comfortable and contempt. This contempt has rendered the profession nearly meaningless to me. It was once something I would get up and be excited about, but now it is definitely time to move on to a new challenge. You see, the average person would look at the current deal that I have and … Continue reading Finding meaning through challenges