Maximizing Mobile Commerce: How Shopify Plus Merchants Can Boost Sales with Tapcart

I don't work at Tapcart, but I think too many Shopify Plus merchants are sleeping on this company. Consider this...

Mobile is the dominant way people shop. It just is, and Tapcart makes it easy for businesses to build & deploy their own app.

Enhanced Customer Engagement - Tapcart's mobile app integration with LoyaltyLion and Recharge for example enhances customer engagement by providing a seamless mobile shopping experience.

Increased Customer Retention - Over 70% of shoppers are more likely to participate in a loyalty program if they can access loyalty cards and rewards from their mobile phone....over 70%.

Boosted Customer Acquisition - Customers acquired through referrals spend 200% more than those acquired via other channels!

Tapcart and LoyaltyLion integration allows easy referral sharing, incentivizing customers with loyalty points for every successful of my favorite tactics to have implemented.

Increased Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) - Referred customers have a 16% higher lifetime value than non-referred customers.

Finally - Mobile commerce sees conversion rates 3X higher than mobile sites.

You might read these numbers and think, psh.. marketing, the numbers are fudged.... Every time I've seen the back end of a Plus merchant's admin with TapCart - I am always shocked at how well it performs. I'm convinced.

Shout out to guys like Ash Mousavian and Neal Goyal who do stellar work with merchants and with educating the DTC / Shopify community on the benefits.

PS: I love all the additional integrations you get with the Shopify ecosystem of partners.


Maximizing Mobile Commerce: How Shopify Plus Merchants Can Boost Sales with Tapcart
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