June 2024 Shopify Updates

In this update, we cover several important topics: Shopify's acquisition of Checkout Blocks, new fraud analysis features, draft order invoice discount control, the Trade theme for B2B stores, and Markets Pro's expanded UPS shipping options. Plus, learn about capturing payments upon fulfillment, Shop Minis customizations, shoppable galleries and videos, and recent blogs and case studies. Lastly, discover our app of the month, Inveterate, for loyalty solutions. 

Important updates from the changelog:

Markets Pro now offers UPS Standard and UPS Worldwide Expedited shipping options, expanding its carrier services. Merchants can access UPS DDP labels via Shopify, with full US-outbound label coverage across DHL and UPS services. Existing merchants may need to update shipping settings to display UPS rates at checkout. Markets Pro will automatically integrate UPS rates into shipping zones, with specific configurations required for flat rates and external partners. Learn more about the UPS for Markets Pro in the Shopify Help Center.

It is now possible to capture a payment upon fulfillment. This will be announced officially in the summer, but you as a Plus merchant should have access to this today! Learn more here.

With this new feature, you can enhance your financial reporting by recording revenue as it is earned. Additionally, you can better meet customer expectations, collecting payment only when items are fulfilled, not all at once at checkout.

You’ve heard of Shop Pay, and the Shop App. Now meet Shop Minis, app-powered customizations to your storefront inside the Shop app, without writing a line of code.

  • Shoppable galleries turn social content into growth:
    • Little Sleepies uses Foursixty to bring Instagram content into Shop, ensure products are tagged, and create direct sales attribution to social content
    • 25% of all orders through Shop came from buyers who first viewed these shoppable galleries
  • Shoppable video allows Princess Polly to continue what they do best:
    • Princess Polly uses Tolstoy to easily bring TikTok/IG video content into Shop, with direct sales attribution for their most popular videos
    • 55% of all Princess Polly customers are using Shop app and they can now reach those customers with mobile-first, shoppable video content

Blogs and case studies you might find interesting:

App of the month Inveterate - Membership & Loyalty 

I’ve been having a lot of conversations where loyalty is coming up. Gift cards, memberships, store credit, cash back, and points. That said, I’ve really found Inveterate’s solution interesting, and dare I say, innovative.  The membership aspect really stands out. I’ve seen brands like True Classic offer memberships to customers at a low price, in the cart (powered by Rebuy Engine). Think about Costco, their approach to memberships is effective.

Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from Shopify. Don't forget to explore our latest features, apps, and case studies to optimize your store's performance. For any questions or further assistance, visit our Help Center or contact support. Happy selling!

June 2024 Shopify Updates
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