About Me


Daniel Fadelle is a Canadian foreign teacher and program coordinator in Incheon, South Korea. He was raised in Dominica then returned to Canada to study Sociology at the University of Ottawa and Project Management at Humber College in Toronto. In that time, Daniel was a member of various organizations which promoted social and cultural awareness with a keen focus on his own West-Indian heritage. Being an active member of his community has always been important. Most notably, Daniel has made contributions to Dominica’s music industry, been a member of various clubs and societies at uOttawa and worked at forging a bridge between the leadership community at Humber College and the Project Management Institute in Toronto.

In 2014, driven by the urge to travel and see what the other side of the world looked like, Daniel began work as a foreign teacher in Korea. Since then, he has traveled to nearly 20 countries across Asia, Europe, and North America, and has taught near two thousand students from South Korea, China, Japan, Russia, Cambodia, and Canada. Daniel is now responsible for curriculum design, creation, and implementation which cater to students from the Kindergarten up to University level. In March 2017, Daniel was awarded “Best Teacher” in recognition for his work and contributions to Loy-Edu and education in Korea.

Aside from his work in education, Daniel is interested in global issues such as the war on drugs, social and cultural interconnectedness, the environment and tourism. He enjoys art, fitness, producing music, and studying languages.

Download Daniel’s CV here: Daniel Anthony Fadelle Resume 2018