Samsung Galaxy S10 Toronto Wide

Great shot captured from the rooftops of Sherborne and Queen area. This was the first wide shot I took with the phone when I got it.


Not exactly in Toronto, but the University of Waterloo knows how to send off their undergrads!


The city came so alive after the Raptors won! I had never been in a city when it won anything this big. Everyone was so full of pride celebrating in the streets with the CN towering standing over us.


It gets dark out there in nature. But it’s calming and peaceful. Camping out at Balsam Lake is a nice place to spend a weekend away from all the noise and distractions and to see the stars.


I stay home a lot. Mostly because I have a balcony where I can sit at night and enjoy this view.


I love libraries. Great for finding resources, focus, and inspiration. The Toronto reference library is my go-to spot between jobs sometimes to relax and catch up with myself and some reading.


A little street entertainment at Taste of the Danforth. Lil man in the center had his moonwalk down on point!


Can you imagine what a Mongolian Metal band sounds like? If you can’t, watch this video and have your mind blown. Toronto is such an eclectic city. A real mixed bag. You can find almost anything here, especially a
good time.


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