We picked up over 3000 pieces of trash

On Sunday, May 19th, 2019, I volunteered with Wildominique, a conservation organization in Dominica, on a beach clean up mission. We picked up over 3000 individual pieces of trash – nearly half a tonne – and sorted it all for data.

The data collection was very important in order to discover trends to apply the right solutions in combating climate change from Dominica and helping the island maintain it’s title as Nature Island of the Caribbean.

I found this task to be very defeating, yet at the end satisfying. I had heard of these beach cleanups for a while and was happy to attend one for myself. It helped add more personal first-hand insight into the plastic crisis the world is facing.

There were others on the beach looking to play their part in a more artistic way…

This day further highlighted the importance of volunteering and playing your own small part in the fight against climate change and the need to continue to raise awareness to those around us. I also felt proud to be there among others who care about the island and environment and are taking action. More of us should.


***Photos by me***

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