Eating in Korea

Eating out in Korea

When you travel to a foreign country what are the top 5 things you think about? I bet half my monthly salary that one of those things is food. Nowadays, people are a lot more conscious of what and how they eat and so eating in Korea can be quite a new and different experience. It is also one of the number one reasons why I love it here!

You’re spoiled for choice!  

There are so many different things to eat in Korea! They are all such delicious options and I always have a hard time choosing what I want – which I guess could be one downside to eating in Korea? There is a buffet I go to in Hondae that has practically everything so I sometimes go there when I feel undecided. See how spoiled I’ve become?

Eating in Korea is a group activity!

Unlike in the West, you may be more used to having your own plate and scorn anyone who dare come anywhere near it! In Korea however, the food is all in one big pot in the middle for all to share. I personally enjoy this because it keeps everyone social and interacting with each other instead of being focused on their own plate and phones. It also makes for a great way to celebrate almost any occasion.

Break the bank for what?!

In Toronto, I regularly had to pay upwards of $10 for any decent meal if I went to eat out, let’s not forget the tip. I have been able to save so much more money eating out in Korea. Across the street from my apartment is a small restaurant where I can get a full Bibimbap dinner set for 3,500krw ($4.00)!

Korean food is absolutely delicious. Sure, you may not always be sure of what exactly you’re eating but once you become more familiar with your options I’m pretty sure you will develop a love for it and go back home wishing you had kimchi on your plate.

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