When in Taiwan…

Would you trade UFC tickets to take a trip to Taiwan?

While you think about the answer, consider some of these;

When in Taiwan, visit the Taipei 101 Building

One of the tallest buildings in the world! Come here in the daytime to visit restaurants at the base of the building. The line to go up to the observatory can get really long depending on the day and time so you can use that opportunity to visit Din Tai Fung, where you can get the best dumplings! – all options available.

The Observatory will give you an incredible 360 view of the city. There is also some shopping, so if you want souvenirs, that is a pretty good place to find some. Visit again at night just to see the building lit up. The best part of this location to me is that is has a subway station right there beside the building making it very easy to commute.

Pro tip: If ever you find yourself staying more than a couple days in Taipei, invest in a card to take the subway system around the city. Load it up with some cash. Much more convenient.


When in Taiwan, go to Elephant Mountain

Not too far from the Taipei 101 building, you can take a 30-40 minute hike to the top of Elephant Mountain. No crowds, very quiet, excellent view and benches and a place to hang out. Maybe even a small picnic if you’re with a group. I thinking walking there from the 101 building is great for seeing a bit more of what is in and around this city. There is a nice park and a basketball court on the way if that’s what you’re into. I was able to catch a pick-up game when I was passing through.

When in Taiwan, explore Taipei on foot! 

Just go wandering and get lost. Walk in and out of random shops. Try the different foods found on the streets and public squares. This might not be for everyone, but I enjoy walking amongst locals and getting a feel for what a typical day could feel like living there.


When in Taiwan, make time to visit Sun Moon Lake. 

Get away from the city and go to this destination for at least a day. Check out this link. It outlines the number of different things you can do.


Our hotel was grand. Swimming pool, massage chairs and a breakfast buffet with a lake view? Yes, please!

Finally, when in Taiwan, tell your friends

Because they will come pick you up from the airport, give you a place to stay and go drinking with you!

…So, UFC or a trip to Taiwan? 

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