I came to Korea nearly two years and seven months ago. I started out as a teacher. The initial idea was to travel, work in another country and to work and save money. In my second year I was promoted to a management position within the company coordinating an external program which required me to design and deliver fun and educational curriculum to students from Kindergarten to University. I got to work with other teachers from Korea, Canada, USA, England, Australia and South Africa and have had students form Korea, Russia, Cambodia, Japan, China and Canada! Can you believe I have designed training programs for students studying to become teachers themselves. Needless to say I got more out of the experience than I hoped to receive from the start.

Two weeks ago I was honored to be among 8 other individuals from various schools to receive the “Best Teacher” award, recognizing hard work and contribution to the company and education in Korea. Working in education isn’t always easy. There were days I wanted to just pack up and leave but I’m happy I stuck it out to get to this point. I also want to congratulate Sean Williams who also received an award. We basically started together and have respectively worked in our own programs. In a company that has about 200 teachers. Being a teacher is rewarding and I am truly thankful for this entire experience #OnToTheNext

Daniel Fadelle - Best Teacher

You can get a glimpse of the ceremony by playing the video below:


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