Fears & Nightmares Chapter 2 – The Surgeon

:::The Surgeon:::

The sound of dripping water and puddles echo throughout this dark dimly-lit basement. A well-coordinated shadowy figure glides through the room with ease. He is very familiar with this space and knows where everything is. The figure moves back and forth between the various jars and tonics that are well placed and sorted on the metal shelves propped up on the stone brick walls and surgical tools and instruments that are set up in a meticulous way. An operation is about to take place. A body is laying on the operating bed covered in a clean white sheet exposing only the head of a young male. There is a lamp shinning directly on his unconscious face. He is very handsome. A strong jawline, thick full head of dark hair slicked back. His facial features are near perfect symmetry.

“Looks like everything is ready” the figure in the room whispers.

A tall broad masculine shape. Under the light of the lamp a blue leather apron is seen being worn over an old grey short sleeved t-shirt. There are dried stains of blood on the center of the apron and the t-shirt seems a bit damp. His arm are visible showing off well-toned biceps. He uses his arms a lot Very steady hands make their way to the mouth of the male laid out on the table. The figure operating is wearing surgical gloves. He opens up the mouth of the patient and shines a light inside inspecting the inside of his mouth. He nods in agreement, he is satisfied with what he’s seen. The operator backs away from the face of the patient and places the flashlight down gently on the table next to him. There is an inhaler on the very same table. The surgeon picks it up gives it a quick look and apathetically tosses it in the bin.

There is a loud banging noise coming from outside the room.

“Christ! I’ trying to work! …C’mon now, stay focused, we’re on a deadline now”. The surgeon looks down at his patient,

“You’re not going to give me any trouble now will you? It will be done before you know it and we can all be off to a good night’s sleep. Let’s begin shall we?”

He returns to the table of tools and selects a clamp and pliers. He installs the clamp in the mouth of the patient keeping his jaw wide open. The surgeon picks up the pliers and dives right in. He starts on the bottom jaw gripping the molar in the far left and yanks them out of the gum. The surgeon drops the tooth in a metal dish placed on the bed next to the body. He moves on the next tooth in the same manner yanking out tooth by tooth and dropping them into the dish. Blood is beginning to flood the patient’s mouth. Impatiently the operator moves the patients head to the side and shoots a mini hose of water into the mouth to rinse out the blood then quickly returns the head back to its original position to start removing the upper teeth using the same method.

After the rinse, the surgeon removes his bloody surgical gloves and tosses them into the bin. He wipes the sweat off his forehead and begins to push the patient’s bed towards a door located in the south of the room.

“Well, that was fairly easy. Your cooperation is much appreciated. You didn’t give me even half of the trouble I encountered with the others”.

They arrive at a tall iron door. To the right is a wooden shelf where a bunch of miscellaneous keys are hanging from a hook. The surgeon picks the keys up selecting the exact key that he needs. He inserts the key, old and rusted, into the lock and turns it hard. The door creaked open letting go a high pitch tone that added to the echoing sound of dripping water which also became immediately louder.

A large dark room is revealed. The sound of water is definitely from here. The surgeon flips a switch at the entrance which lit the room up with a blinding florescent light. There are rows of cages lined up down the room from one end to the next. The aisles are flooded with about an inch of water and is leaking into the cages where captives are kept. In each cage a different prisoner is seen either laying asleep, hunched over in the fetal position in the corners or lifelessly sprawled out on the ground.

“Damn, you all are stinking up the place!” He pulls out a can of air freshener and sprays it above his head as he walks pushing the operating bed with one hand to the back of the room.

“I’m in two minds about fixing this damn system”. He looks down at the patient on the bed.

“At least now you have more to drink than your own piss yeh? Too bad it’s eventually gonna mix with your own shit haha – anyway…”

As he walks further down into this room the faces of the captives held appear more visible. There’s a woman sitting up right and center in a cage, there are no eyes in her sockets. There is a teenage boy who looks to have had his hair all shaved off. He sits casually resting against his cage with his fingerless hands laying in his lap.

The surgeon finally stops at an empty cage at the very back of the room. He picks up the patient from under his arms, drags him out of bed and slides him off onto the ground then into the cage.

Picking up both the patient’s feet, “Christ you’re heavy”, as he swings them into the cage and slams the cage door shut. It locks automatically.

A growling sound is made behind the surgeon. He looks back calmly. A corpselike person of Asian descent is staring at him angrily.

Annoyingly, “Oh! Were you the one banging around disturbing me earlier? You nearly ruined my project! I’m still unsure what I want to do with you. Of all the times you put yourself under the knife, you chose to make that time to mess things up. I’m still mad at you, ya’know. What? Got something to say? He whispers condescendingly. ‘That’s what I thought. I already fed your tongue to the rats, they loved it”. He gives the cage a solid kick. The captive reacts and quickly jigs back before snapping back forward giving another grizzly growl.

The surgeon stoops down resting his arms on his knees. He gazes directly at his captive whose face is nearly falling off. This captive looks starved of food, amongst other things.

“Look at you, a bag of bones, I’m not even sure what you are…maybe I’ll just toss you…although, you are sort of special’. He gives a low sigh. “I’ll decide in the morning.” The surgeon stands up strongly and walks away briskly towards the door, gives the entire room a final glace, shuts off the lights and slams the door leaving his patients…or victims in total darkness.


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