Fears & Nightmares Chapter 1 – The Mood

:::The Mood:::

Look, we got Melanie, quick, inject the heroin.

Listen to the bellowing, in the halls…echoing.

She’s breathing heavily, it’s not so heavenly.

Suddenly, the Butcher is coming through ‘I’ve got the recipe’.

You’ve paid a heavy fee, I’m talking neck and limb.

The freezer’s getting full, “how will we fit her in”?

Make room for the young – throw away the elderly!

“It’s time for supper brother!” – ‘Go ahead and prep the meat”.

“Medium or rare? Better put your order in”.

Eye balls for Christmas, we use them for the ornaments!

Look around the lair “how’d you get here?”

Laying on the table paralyzed because of fear.

“I get the feeling that you’re scared”.

Dark brick walls and the highlights are red.

There’s a faint smell of gasoline, his fingers greased with Vaseline

Too late to call the pastor in – ‘We already put the axe to him”!

It was no accident, “because we have a script.

You thirsty? Have a drink! I spiked it with some acid – sip!

Can’t talk cause we stitched her lips, ripped her ribs,

Shredded most of all her flesh to bits and collected teeth”.

“Don’t try to cut your wrists – or any silly tricks!

You gon’ feel electric when this switch flips!

We got patients in the basement – we’re giving away facelifts

With the teeth collected we gon’ make everyone bracelets!”

Blood and vomit in a bucket, ain’t no running

“Im’a throw you in a cage and lock it and maybe if you’re lucky

You might get away with little pain or maybe you’ll just go insane

Either way I’m entertained and got dinner set on my plate”.


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